Straight box girders

Our universal steel mould for box girders is easy to convert for all sorts of box girders, I-girders or H-girders. The mould can vary from 30 to 100 metres in length and 2.70 m in width. The mould is controlled fully hydraulically, including hydraulic closing at the bottom. A 100-metre mould can be closed fully automatically in only 5 minutes.

Lodewikus Voorgespannen Beton for instance, used our moulds to manufacture 190 pre-stressed LOD-H girders and 20 LOD-K box girders for the Ramspol bridge. The girders weigh 160 tons on average.

The steel moulds for the PiQ girders for Westrandweg in Amsterdam also come from Veenendaal. The special aspect about the design of Spanbeton is that the box has two side wings. Thanks to the extra width, fewer boxes are required, creating a deck that has fewer girders. This formwork allows Spanbeton to manufacture straight and bent edge girders, straight and bent central girders and tapered girders.