Carousel system for clean ‘double-sided’ prefab floors

Automated floor production

Normally, the automated production of floor elements is carried out either vertically or horizontally. In this project, Hendriks precon combines both production techniques into a single automated line. This makes it possible to comfortably make the necessary preparations horizontally, while vertical production guarantees high-quality visible work on both sides of the concrete floor.

System specifications

  • Location: Germany
  • Production facility surface area: approx 3,000 m2.
  • 30 double-sided 8 x 3.5 m moulding tables.
  • 3 batteries with clamping formwork that allows it to be filled vertically with self-compacting concrete.
  • Automatic two-sided cleaning and oiling with formwork oil.
  • Automatically opening and closing hinged edges.
  • Elements automatically lifted out and rotated. (Element weight: approx 10 tonnes)
  • Fully automated to maximise FTE savings.

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In this partnership our automated production line is resulting in efficiency and sustainability improvements.

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