Prison cells

Factory-built cells for Zaanstad Penal Institution

On the instructions of Pi2 (Ballast Nedam and Imtech), Haitsma Beton delivers 667 complete, waterproof units for the new Zaandam Penal Institution.

The most important requirement set by the Central Government Real Estate Agency is dimensional stability. Account manager Klaas Ellens of Haitsma: ‘Combined with the high number of cells, we immediately opted for steel moulds. Hendriks precon delivered a total of 6 pieces of formwork. First, the floor sections, including reinforcement, are poured and then turned. The next formwork is fitted around the floor, with the reinforcement acting as connection. Then the roof is poured and mounted.’


At the construction site, every vandalism-proof cell is lifted into its exact place in a short period of time. Klaas Ellens: ‘All units are completely independent, with cavity walls and on sound-absorbing blocks, so there is no impact noise whatsoever.’

The formwork includes all recesses, with those for the services duct being highly complex. ‘Hendriks precon made a major contribution to the technical realisation thanks to their formwork knowledge and the ability to engineer in 3D. Modular construction with 3D engineering means minimum tolerances in an efficient construction process,’ says a happy Klaas Ellens.