Tilting Tables Spaansen HarlingenGood references have come true

To deliver higher walls and top elements at one piece, company Spaansen needed to have access to high tilting tables. “We were looking for a prominent producer and had often heard the name of Hendriks Precon. And what they promised was realized,” said Ferdinand Metzlar, Operation Director of Spaansen.

Began in 1946 as a transport company, the family business Spaansen contains three disciplines: Materials and Logistics, Building Systems and Landscaping and Paving Materials. Only at Spaansen 95 people work on the production and assembly of prefabricated walls and floors.

Advanced speed regulation

To deliver higher walls and greater top elements, Spaansen needed four new tilting tables. Metzlar: “The height of these new tables is still new for us, namely 4.5 meters. They are 32 meters long and we expect high requirements for the surface quality. Each table is supplied with its own hydraulic unit. The control system is equipped with advanced speed control with an extra delaying system at the final phase.”

Process went perfectly

That the selection primarily fell on Hendriks Precon is due to a combination of factors: “Fine quality formwork, fast delivery and good references were altogether with the price very important. Then they also delivered it as they had promised. The entire process from design to quick, turn-key delivery went completely according to the plan,” says the satisfied Metzlar.

In the meanwhile, Spaansen has ordered another four tilting tables. This time the height is equal to the standard tilting tables, so that a digital system can be used to mark the outlines of the elements and the built-in parts.

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