The more complex the work, the more satisfying it isAlbert-Jan van Eldik appointed new account manager at Hendriks precon

Albert-Jan van Eldik (49) became account manager at Hendriks precon on 1 January 2023. As such he is exchanging the world of tunnel, wall and future formwork of Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek (HSB) for that of the moulds for the concrete industry and formworks for in-situ projects. It is a conscious choice. ‘I really like engineering and technology. The more complex it gets, the more I like it. Hendriks precon is the right place for this.’

The management board approached him last year just before the construction holiday, asking him if he would be interested in becoming account manager at Hendriks precon. ‘I had to give it some thought,’ says Albert-Jan van Eldik. ‘Ultimately I made the decision just before Christmas and I started last January.’ Van Eldik brings along a lot of experience in mould construction. He acquired this experience over the last few decades at Hendriks stalen bekistingtechniek. He is accustomed to working with minimum tolerances, efficient construction and optimal flexibility. Furthermore, he knows the company inside out. ‘I started off at Hendriks as an all-round construction bench fitter and occupied various positions while studying in the evenings.’ For example, he was a procurement officer, assistant plant manager and more recently project manager at HSB.

Team member

Hendriks precon makes a wide range of moulds. Van Eldik: ‘We help build viaducts, piles, quay walls, prefab slabs and elevated highway support columns. This makes my work very challenging and diverse.’ Van Eldik’s first project in his new position was to develop a double mould for sandwich elements for Byldis Prefab in Veldhoven in the Netherlands. ‘Every mould is custom work,’ says the new account manager. ‘I really like engineering and technology. The more complex it gets, the more I like it. That appeals to me. Normally, account manager is a commercial function, but at Hendriks precon it is much more of a technical function. Together with the client and engineers you develop ideas and interact together to develop solutions. Thinking and implementing give me a lot of energy and satisfaction. You manage project from A to Z, as a member of a team. This was the deciding factor that convinced me to make the switch.’


The fact that he is able to make the next step in his career at Hendriks is an extra bonus for him. When he is asked why he has been working at Hendriks for 34 years, he bluntly says: ‘My heart is in Hendriks. I am not a job hopper. That should be obvious. I really like it here. The atmosphere. The friendliness. The joint activities. The nice colleagues. The freedom you are given, the attention and resources to further develop yourself. Hendriks simply is a great employer.’ And the future? ‘The challenge to make something good from this is there. There are lots of things to learn and you can fully immerse yourself in the engineering and technology aspects. I am moving into the future with renewed energy.’

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