Steel formwork to bring together 48,000 tons of reinforcement and 190,000 m3 of concrete in eight mastodons of tunnel elements.Video with Guy Vercruyssen of TM COTU about his experience of the benefits of our innovative formwork techniques

In our previous newsletter, we wrote about the construction of the Scheldt Tunnel, an international landmark project and an important part of the Oosterweel Link that completes the Antwerp Ring Road. The tunnel links the Left and Right Banks in the north of the city and south of the port, creating much-improved accessibility. With a length of 1.8 kilometres, the tunnel will have three traffic lanes in each direction, and a separate cycle tunnel means cyclists will also be able to use the link.

A variety of formwork components are being used in the construction dock in Zeebrugge to produce the eight different immersion elements. The various formwork components that we designed and supplied consist of floor moulds, movable central tunnel channel moulds, deck moulds and wall/deck moulds for both the carriageways and the cycle tunnel. We also designed and supplied moving wall gantry formwork for the partition walls. This is all duplicated so both construction flows can run simultaneously in the construction dock. The first two immersion elements are now ready and construction of the third and fourth ones is in full swing.

The construction of the Scheldt Tunnel is probably the most spectacular part of the Oosterweel Link and is set to be an unseen masterpiece! That is why in this edition of our newsletter, we would like to take you to the construction dock so you can form a clear picture of the project. We therefore invite you to watch the film.

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