Stainless steel shell plate for distinctive capabilityAdjust prefab processes quicker and easier

Flexibility and speed are two critical success factors in the prefab industry. Whoever can quickly adjust or convert the prefab production process – and can make a great variety of products with a minimum of effort – has an important advantage over its competitors. Hendriks precon understands this like no other. Recently that was again proven with the delivery of moulds for a TT concrete element. A stainless steel shell plate provided the distinctive capability here.

TT concrete elements are frequently used in rough construction to realise concrete decks for car parks. Hendriks precon is a trusted and proven expert when it comes to moulds for TT concrete elements. A high quality and stiffness ensure that the TT beams have a constant diameter. The moulds are available with heating so that even the curing time can be controlled by the customer.

For maximum flexibility, Hendriks precon provides the moulds in fixed and adjustable versions, with or without frame construction for prestressing. Recently, an 80-metre long TT mould was developed and delivered in an adjustable model. The mould will be used for the production of flooring with varying widths to a maximum of 3.60 m. To be able to adjust the width and the height of the floorboards, the side walls are movable. What is striking is the stainless steel shell plate which is installed on the underlying construction in regular steel.

Magnetic stainless steel shell plate
Ferritic stainless steel was chosen for the design, as opposed to authentic stainless steel, because it combines good corrosion resistance with magnetic properties. Those are needed to have the movement of the mould components occur as smoothly as possible. With the choice of a shell plate installed on traditional steel, the mould remains economically attractive despite its excellent properties.

Prototype and experimental model
Before supplying the TT mould, a custom prototype was made. After successful tests, the customer decided to opt for this solution. This stainless steel solution appears to be not only interesting for adjustable TT moulds but also for all prefab concrete elements.

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