Stacking block moulds available from stock

Hendriks precon has been supplying moulds for concrete stacking blocks for some time. But recently, the range has been expanded further.

Concrete stacking blocks are used daily in different areas of the construction industry. Typical examples are (temporary) sound, separation or fireproof walls, but we also see them in the construction of storage rooms and the like. But how do you manufacture such concrete blocks in an efficient manner without sacrificing quality?

Hendriks precon supplies robust stacking block moulds for this purpose, so that the blocks can be efficiently produced. Even the larger sizes are now available from stock.

The robust moulds from Hendriks precon have stable dimensions – the sturdy sheet work guarantees this.
The moulds are manufactured with solid bevelled edges for an aesthetically pleasing result with a V-groove.
A large number of customers use the Hendriks precon moulds for the production of their stacking blocks that can be stacked one on top of the other like Lego.

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