Smart Formwork for Windmill Foundation

On the way to the office or home – you pass them by everyday: windmills. Windmills have increasingly become a usual scenery for us. And the end is not yet in sight. For the foundation of the windmills, Hendriks Precon has developed a smart, adaptable foundation formwork that promises earning back the investment in a short time. The Belgian West Construct is already profiting from it.

Attractive Investment
As it looks now, about 100 windmill parks will be realized in the coming years, ranging in size from a few to dozens of windmills. An interesting market for contractors who for example realize the foundations for the windmills. But not all the windmills or windmill parks are the same, and so the question arises: “How do you invest in an attractive formwork if the diameter of the foundation constantly changes?” Hendriks Precon has developed a special solution: a circular formwork which can be varied in diameter from 15 to 21 meters. Thus, the same formwork can be employed for several windmill park projects.

Smart Bend
What makes it smart are the components with which the formwork are made. These 6-meter-long components contain a break point in every 2 meters. A larger diameter is then simply achieved by adding one or more additional fitting pieces. So, the formwork can easily be set in a very short time. The faceted round foundation is suitable for all construction works. Also by replacing the windmills with ones with higher profits, the foundation should often be adapted. For these cases, the adaptable formwork provides the best solution.

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