Retaining wall moulds conquer the German market, too

In the prefab supply industry for civil engineering, the retaining wall moulds from Hendriks precon are very welcome products. These maintenance-free moulds guarantee a quick and efficient production of aesthetically pleasing retaining walls. It’s not for nothing that the moulds are now in hot demand in Germany.

Combined knowledge
One of the first German customers is the firm Rekers, which has four production facilities. Various other prefab elements are manufactured here in addition to retaining walls. Besides the functional aspects of these products, there are also higher requirements placed on the quality and choice. The choice for retaining wall moulds from Hendriks precon fits perfectly.

An efficient mould has been developed in close partnership and with the expertise of both Rekers and Hendriks precon. The use of the hall crane is kept to a minimum by the application of hydraulics, and the moulds provide an important contribution to the entire production process.

In a world in which speed and efficiency play an increasingly larger role, it is important to place as few hands as possible on the mould. This philosophy played an important role in the development of the moulds. Moreover, the use of the hall crane is reduced so that it is available to be used for other purposes. The hydraulically operated mould led to an
efficient, robust solution.

This solution consisted of three moulds in which five elements could be simultaneously produced. The elements have a corner profile and measure 100 x 70 x 100 cm (l x b x h). The elements are characterised by their sleek design and they satisfy the highest aesthetic and measurement norms, in part due to the unique production process.

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