Quality and involvement are key

Wide slab floors can be seen in all areas of the residential and utility construction industry. That is not unusual if we remember that this type of floor provides a high degree of design freedom. Wide slab floors from Orion Beton of Enschede (NL) distinguish themselves by their high-level, continuous quality. That is in part due to their innovative and automated production system. Hendriks precon provided the mould tables for this carousel system. Here, expertise of prefab concrete and moulding tables come together.

Orion Beton
Orion Beton is an innovative producer with two halls at its disposal, in which smooth prefab concrete products are made. One of the frequently requested products is the broad slab floor, which the company supplies in a traditional reinforced or prestressed finish. For the production of the wide slab flooring, Orion Beton uses an advanced carousel system on which mould tables are ridden throughout the factory. These tables can be used to produce wide slab flooring up till some 1,200 cm. De standard width is 300 cm. Production is characterised by high efficiency and quality.

Step-by-step production process
We spoke with Jan Rook of Orion Beton about the production process. ‘Production of the prefab slabs occurs step-by-step. The various production phases are gone through, based on a carousel system. It begins with a plot of the final floor with the required fittings and features noted. These components are placed on the mould table. The moulds then go like a train through the various production stations.

At each station, a part of the production process is completed. The final wide slab floor is removed from the mould at the cargo station, upon which the empty mould returns to the starting position, the cleaning station’, according to Jan Rook.

Carousel system with mould tables
The carousel system has been used for some time at the Enschede cement producer, but when the moulding tables were recently in need of replacing, thoughts immediately turned to Hendriks precon. ‘We know Hendriks as a company that addresses the situation and wants to supply top-of-the-line products based on know-how and experience. Within the context of our carousel system, they provided the entire engineering and production. What’s more, we trust their expertise completely.’

Carousel tables from Hendriks precon can be used along with wide slab flooring for the manufacture of prefab walls, for example. The tables can be produced in any desired width and length, and they meet the highest quality standards. The entirely smooth and straight moulds ensure the production of high-quality products.

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