Philip Winckel new general manager of Hendriks GroupAmbitious focus on growth and progress

The Hendriks Group has had a new general manager since 1 January. His name is Philip Winckel. Philip takes over from Wim Jochems and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and in-depth experience of the Hendriks markets. We spoke to Philip about his plans and ambitions.

Internationally experienced

Philip is no stranger to the world of concrete, infrastructure and steel construction. After studying hydraulic engineering at Delft Technical University, he worked on international construction projects for Shell for more than ten years. He was co-responsible for the construction of a number of factories in Australia and Singapore. ‘I’ve had the opportunity to work on extremely complex and extensive construction projects and was able to look behind the scenes of the largest construction sites in Asia. It was a fantastic experience because I was dealing with all aspects of these large construction projects – from engineering and purchasing to planning and logistics.’

Construction of carousel factories

After his time in Asia, Philip returned to the Netherlands to keep working and growing in the construction and infrastructure sector, first as Director of Technology & Strategy at the RuwBouw Group, then as Managing Director of Heembeton and then as Chief Operating Officer at Van Wijnen Components. ‘Amongst other things, I was responsible there for the construction of the robotised carousel factory in Heerenveen. That’s a great project that shows how the construction industry is rapidly digitising and automating itself. This development is all the more important because the Dutch construction sector is facing a huge construction challenge. And now I hope that the customers of the Hendriks Group will also benefit from the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from these projects.’

Philip’s actual introduction to the Hendriks Group came a few years later when he was employed as an independent strategic adviser for Hendriks precon. ‘You could say that left me wanting more. And that’s exactly what happened, because shortly afterwards I was asked to become General Manager of the Hendriks Group. So now I’m responsible for Hendriks precon, Hendriks steel formwork technology and Hendriks sheet metal processing.’

Big ambitions

When asked about his plans and ambitions, Philip responds enthusiastically: ‘I’ve got lots of them! The Dutch construction sector has been going through a tough time, with materials unavailable in sufficient quantities or not available on time, strong inflation and a market that is more sensitive than ever. And the challenges for the future are, if anything, even greater. Europe is committed to a large-scale energy transition and digitalisation. For our sector, this means opportunities but also challenges. We want to capitalise on these opportunities and challenges for our customers. We’re focused on the future. We want to continue to make a difference for our customers with top quality and high-end engineering. We’re fully committed to supporting contractors who are facing more regulations and new obligations. And of course we just want to continue to offer original, smart and efficient solutions that simplify, accelerate or otherwise improve the construction and infrastructure projects of our customers. Not just in the Netherlands but also abroad. Hendriks already has a great position in Germany and Belgium, and we want to strengthen and expand this in the years to come!’



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