Kudo choses Hendriks precon for steel mould prefab wall elementsMinimise environmental impact

In the Veenendaal region, Kudo is a respected name in developing and realising serial building projects. The company developed from being a property company to all-round developer with everything in-house: architect, contractor, W-installer and a factory for prefab concrete elements. Hendriks precon supplied the moulds with which the company produces the prefab walls.

Scaffold-free construction

It was a conscious choice to bring everything under one roof. Gert Jan van der Meer from Kudo (Prefab Production Manager) stated: ‘We want all property development activities to stay in our own hands as far as possible. This creates short lines between the different disciplines, ensuring that everything always comes together for an optimal result. The aim is always to work safer, faster and better, as is demonstrated by our scaffold-free construction we are working on. This is only possibly by working with concrete prefab elements. That’s why we’ve taken this step. And, like everything else we do, we only go for the best quality.’

Smart and efficient production

Kudo found Hendriks precon following extensive research. Gert Jan van der Meer stated: ‘Hendriks precon is known as a supplier of high-quality moulds and tables; they’re well-known in the world of concrete construction. Moreover, as a company we want to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. This means that as well as mainly working in the Veenendaal region, we prefer to find our suppliers in this region too. Together with Hendriks precon, we’ve worked out the smartest and most efficient production method. We ended up with tables of 24 x 4 metres on which we produce facade elements. As all the tables are tilting tables, no unnecessary load is exerted on the elements so that these and the table remain free from damage. Moreover, this also assures us of continuous rapid turnaround.’

Ready-made delivery

The steel table on which the facade elements are produced has adjustable sides, enabling the wall element to be configured to a maximum thickness of 300 mm. ‘We use formwork secured to the table via magnets to produce different wall dimensions. A laser projector is positioned above the table. This reads the required dimensions and recesses from the drawing and projects this directly onto the table. We can then immediately introduce all pre-cast and built-in elements, such as electrical boxes, and the wall elements can be delivered ready-made.’

Ideal cooperation

Gert Jan van der Meer described the cooperation with Hendriks precon: ‘The possibilities of prefab construction are unlimited. For us, Hendriks precon is a partner that understands prefab inside out. Their steel mould is a good example of this – we can realise our entire prefab concept with this. And they’re always ready to help with advice and provide excellent guidance in developing our construction concept.’

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