Inventive design delivers time and material gains

Faster and more cost effective solutions are two great advantages of Dycore Leadership’s Plate Floors. Thanks to the inventive and ingenuity of the engineers of Hendriks Precon, the Dycore Line Sheet Floors can be constructed in a long track system.

To make sure onsite construction time is kept as short as possible, Dycore from Oosterhout has invented the Line Sheet Floor. Plant Manager Louis Toebak: “By building the recesses whilst pouring the floor boards, all required cables and air ducts can be rapidly constructed. The recesses are smaller than normal and the floor can then simply be adjusted.”

Required flexibility

In their 40-year existence, Dycore has great expertise in the field of all kinds of floors and floor systems, but applying reusable built-in parts for sparring was completely new. “There were several challenges in designing this new formwork. Thanks to the increasing flexibility in the layout of new homes, no two homes are the same – not in terms of recesses. The floor of each building is exclusively calculated and the slots can be designed where necessary and time is saved.”

Good solutions

Furthermore, the formwork had to fit in the long track system of Dycore. Particularly, in the phase of detailed engineering, there was intensive consultation. Toebak: “We have spent a lot of hours discussing about our requirements. It appeared that the solutions we agreed with Hendriks Precon were practically the best.”

Neither downfall nor waste

The method of Dycore not only saves time during the construction process, but “It’s also much more accurate, as the failure rate is now zero. In addition, the application of slots means that you waste concrete. That is no longer the case: only the concrete that we actually need is used. We realize that we can significantly save on annual basis.”

Hendriks Precon delivers two formworks of 150 meters length, which can be produced with self-compacting concrete slabs of 1.20 meters wide and variable lengths. The moulds are more durable thanks to the reusable built-in parts equipped with hydraulic driven frames.

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