Hydraulic tilting tables for Valcke Prefab Beton

One of Belgium’s pre-eminent prefab specialists is located in the village of Vlamertinge: Valcke Prefab Beton. The company has been manufacturing concrete products for 90 years and is one of the pioneers in the Belgian prefab construction sector. Nowadays major components of the production process have been largely automated. The company recently further expanded its production capacity. Hendriks precon supplied the hydraulic tilting tables for this purpose.

Prefab. What a clever and fast way of building something! With prefab concrete elements, Valcke Prefab Beton demonstrates that using prefab to construct building structures is a fast, economical and sustainable custom-made solution. This is why the company’s prefab elements are used on a large scale in industrial construction. To be able to further expand the prefab formula, all prefab elements are produced in controlled production halls with the greatest possible precision. Hendriks precon’s tilting tables play a major role in this process.

Tilting Formwork Tables

Hendriks precon’s hydraulic tilting tables are used to manufacture a wide range of products. Valcke Prefab Beton acquired six of such tilting tables. Koen Vanrenterghem, Head Production at Valcke Prefab Beton: ‘Virtually all of the concrete prefab elements we produce are manufactured on large formwork tables. These tables are positioned horizontally during production, but must be placed upright once the concrete has hardened, so that the prefab element can be transported vertically to the construction site.’

Large Expansion

The prefab elements are tilted upright using tilting tables produced by Hendriks precon. Koen Vanrenterghem continues: ‘The dimensions of the six tables are 12.80 x 4.00 m. Each table produces concrete elements that are 6.00 x 3.70 m in size. The thickness of the panels varies from 15 to 30 cm. The tables are tilted hydraulically, fully automatically. The six new tables represent a significant expansion of our production capacity. Hendriks precon is a well-known entity in this regard and we have been working with them for many years with a great deal of satisfaction.’

Hendriks precon fully installs the hydraulic tilting tables it delivers. Furthermore, the tables are available in different versions that can vary significantly in terms of size and shape. This way the company is able to provide suitable solutions for any prefab producer.

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