Hydraulic Tilting Tables for Fijn Wonen Factory Accelerate Construction

Null-on-the-counter: a quick surf on the internet and following the news would make it clear that everywhere there are discussions about houses that generate as much (or more) energy balance as needed for the house and the household. The demands on this area are emerging quickly like mushrooms from the ground. But how to realize such housing system in an effective and efficient manner?
Van Wijnen has chosen moulds and tilting tables of Hendriks Precon for the production of precast floors and walls of the Fijn Wonen Factory.

Fijn Wonen
Fijn Wonen is an innovative concept of Van Wijnen in which eleven parties are involved. The concept aims to create houses that are not only energy efficient but also have low housing costs and stand out in terms of comfort and welfare. By close cooperation between the 11 parties, it is possible to offer performance guarantee (energy consumption, warmth, comfort, etc.) for 25 years for Fijn Wonen.

Fijn Wonen Factory
Van Wijnen owns Fijn Wonen Factory in Gorredijk for the construction of houses, where 400 houses are constructed annually. It means about more than one house per day! This requires a smart and efficient production method, which justifies the ever increasing demand for null-on-the-counter houses.

Floor and wall components are completely prefabricated in the production hall of Fijn Wonen Factory. The fixed prefabricated modules are varied in width and depth so that they are in six different models available. Prior to production, the installers place all the necessary mechanical and electrical pipes in the formwork, including underfloor heating. Once the components are solid and stable, they are ready to be used.
Hydraulic Tilting Table
For applying formwork of the precast floors and walls, moulds are partly used (partly) by hydraulic tilting tables of Hendriks Precon. The tilting tables are hydraulically adjustable in an angle of 85 degrees. Altogether 12 moulds for the floorboards and 9 tilting tables are supplied for the walls. Also the magnet edges are provided by Hendriks Precon.

The tilting tables of Hendriks Precon are available in a wide variety with lengths of 6 to 24 meters and 3.5 to 5 meters width. The tilting tables are delivered fully installed. The use of the hydraulic tilting formwork is not only more efficient but also faster. In addition, using the tilting tables would reduce the reinforcement where normally additional reinforcement must be applied in order to move the parts from horizontal to vertical position. This can now be done by the tilting tables. Moreover, working with prefabricated elements requires fewer transport movements to get all the components to the construction site. Thus, the concept of sustainable housing would get even a more significant meaning.

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