Hendriks precon supplies smart mould for new plant for IJB GroepEightfold mould expands production capacity

IJB Groep has a sound reputation in the pile-driving world. The company has been at the forefront in this field for almost sixty years. In addition to the existing plant in Lemmer in the Netherlands, the IJB Groep last year opened a new production site in Lelystad. With this new site, the company anticipates the increasing need for piles and just-in-time delivery. Hendriks precon supplied an eightfold mould for the production of prestressed piles.

The design and production of prestressed prefab piles is one of the IJB Groep’s core activities. Customers in the Randstad conurbation can be served faster and better from this new production site in Lelystad. Working from two locations not only enables the company to produce smarter and more efficiently, it also helps reduce the total number of transport movements. A nice step up in IJB Groep’s sustainability ambitions. Pierre Hoekstra of the IJB Groep about the new production site: “Lelystad not only is a production site, it is also a test bed where the latest developments see the light. When it comes to new systems, we prefer to make use of a trusted and proven partner. When this concerns building moulds, Hendriks precon is such a partner for us.”

Eightfold mould

In the runup to the new development, IJB Groep approached Hendriks precon to inquire what they could do in support of the production of pre-stressed 290 x 290 mm piles of a maximum 25-metre length. “Hendriks precon proposed an eightfold, 75-metre long mould. This length can be divided into 25-metre sections with the use of bulkheads. Rails are mounted adjacent to the mould on which all of the associated equipment can move back and forth. Pouring is done from above. This way up to eight piles can be poured and lifted all at once.”

Smart formwork removal system

Fast and efficient production cannot be viewed separately from the ultimate formwork removal. Pierre Hoekstra: “In cooperation with Hendriks precon, we developed a new formwork removal system. We enable the steel pile mould to bulge out in an ingenious way, whereby we push up the steel mould with air from the underside. By bulging out the mould, the piles can be easily removed. A solution that is just as smart as it is efficient.”

With the new mould, the IJB Groep has made a first step towards further expansion for the time being. “The market is growing and the production of new homes is expected to continue unabated over the coming years,” says Pierre Hoekstra. “I expect production to steadily continue growing over the coming two years.”

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