Green Arch tunnel formwork in action How Hendriks precon’s formwork meets the challenges.

In the construction of the Rottemeren Tunnel, which is part of the new connection between the A16 motorway at the Terbergseplein junction and the A13 motorway near Rotterdam The Hague Airport, we opted for innovative tunnel formwork supplied by Hendriks precon.

The challenge in constructing the 2235-metre tunnel lay in getting the walls to connect to the floor of the tunnel. Due to the use of underwater concrete, the floor is uneven. In addition, the construction schedule posed a few challenges. It’s a tunnel with a centre tunnel channel to be poured in 25-metre section lengths on a weekly basis. Two sets of formwork are used to carry out 90 pours where, even after the last pour, surface evaluation Class B1 must still be achieved.

Hendriks precon’s team found a solution in formwork that met the floors in the best way possible thanks to a hydraulic excavator. By now, the system has been put into operation, and the images are quite impressive.

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