Flexible and user friendly cell formwork

For the efficient production of all conceivable precast concrete products such as beams, columns, walls and baseboards we deliver customized cell formwork of any length, height and diameter. Thanks to innovative options our formwork is both flexible and extremely user friendly.

Flexible options

A cell casing of Hendriks Precon consists of a solid base frame, on which a fixed center panel and several moveable panels are placed. We can also deliver fixed center panels that would enable you to move them sideways for more flexibility. Furthermore, we can deliver the double center panel equipped with a walk plank with a ladder so that you can easily reach the top off mouldlevel and do the job.

Multiple options side panels

The moveable panels are equipped with a steel formwork plate of 6mm thick which the end caps are attached by magnets. We offer multiple options for the movables: You can move the panels by hand, using a rack winch or we provide the formwork with a hydraulic synchronization system, so that you can move the panels over the entire length evenly. The panels are clamped at the bottom of each concrete using spindles and at the top with rods.

Forms of bottom formwork

We can deliver steel bottom formwork inclusive filling edges and rubber seals or you close it independantly with H20 carriers and 18mm plywood. You can choose the possibility of height adjustment or the innovative system with milled steel filling edges strips, which are adjustable in height and width, where you only need to add a sheet plywood.


We can, if required, place a wooden profile on the top of the panels, which would enable you to tighten and secure them while placing the formwork.


For the safety of your employees we can supply the cell casing with a steel walking plate or with scaffolding support for a wooden platform. Contact us to learn more about all the possibilities.

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