First Factory in England for Prestressed Concrete Piles

Prestressed concrete piles are widely used in the Netherlands because of their economic efficiency and excellence. Up to now these were imported by the United Kingdom. The English Green Piling has changed it by purchasing a special prestressed device and 75m long steel moulds. Hendriks Precon supplied the moulds and realized the installation.

Successful Business
For the last 15 years, the UK’s Green Piling has been the major player when it comes to foundation. The company designs, supplies and installs steel piles, precast concrete piles, drill screw piles, steel H-profiles and mini-piles.

In order to remain on the top and meet the growing market demand, Green Piling has recently realized a new production facility near Sheffield. The production facility has been specially developed and tuned for the production of prestressed concrete piles. Thus, the company is taking an important step in its development. Not only has the company underlined its position as a leading foundation specialist, but it also has significantly saved on transport and material. Prestressed piles manufactured by the company are more attractive than the imported piles. The cost reduction has improve the company’s competitive position and put the successful piling business within the reach.

Various Options
Green Piling is not the first producer of piles which benefits from the knowledge and experience of Hendriks Precon. Prestressed piles have been delivered for many years. The length of the moulds varies from 75 to 200 meters or more. The delivered installation to Green Piling had a length of 75 meters. The prestressed moulds are available for piles of 180x180mm to 500x500mm. Opening and closing of the piles are easily done by using air hoses that are placed above or below the mould. A radio-controlled vibrating unit is used under the pile to compress the concrete.

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