Expansion of Van Wijnen Smart Structures tilting table park Working together on new construction methods

The construction industry seems to have been turned on its head. ‘Run or stand still’ more or less seems to have become the sector’s creed. In this hectic environment, Fijn Wonen [Comfortable Living] is an oasis of tranquillity, where – even for a hectic outside world – the company continues to supply homes with guaranteed performance at an affordable price. Hendriks precon supplies the tilting tables which partially make the modern Fijn Wonen assembly method possible.

Prefab living concept

Fijn Wonen [Comfortable Living] is a concept developed by Van Wijnen and is used to provide comfortable homes and apartments that can be constructed quickly. By applying different architectural styles and modular, prefabricated components unique homes with a high-quality design are created. Homes that are furthermore circular, energy efficient and, where necessary, earthquake-resistant. The new living concept uses an intelligent method for configuring the homes. For example, living packages can be provided with a broad selection of options and finishes. An innovative production process underlies all of these options in which the Hendriks precon tilting tables have been a constant value for some time.

Successful combination

The fact that the Fijn Wonen and Hendriks precon combination is successful is evident from the recent increase in the number of tilting tables. Harm Stuiver at Van Wijnen: “The use of prefab elements forms part of the Fijn Wonen concept. For example, at our Van Wijnen Smart Structures production location we manufacture prefab floor elements and prefab walls and façades. These are made using moulds and tilting tables developed and produced by Hendriks precon.” Our own installation technicians in advance equip the walls and floors with all necessary technical systems inside the formwork, including the floor heating elements.

Large variety, high production

The prefab walls and façades are of a length of approx. 5 to 10 m. The standard floor elements come in various widths. “To be able to produce different dimensions, the tables are equipped with magnetic strips,” says Harm Stuiver. “After the rebar and the technical systems are installed, concrete is poured into the formwork at the plant. Once the concrete has cured, the walls and floors are stored.”

Excellent cooperation

Today, Van Wijnen Smart Structures BV has over 19 hydraulic tilting tables and 12 moulds for the purpose of producing walls, façades and floors. This number regularly increases. Harm Stuiver about the cooperation with Hendriks precon: “The cooperation between our companies is excellent. Hendriks precon proactively participates in the development process and contributes solutions and new ideas on a timely basis. Hendriks precon clearly is more of a partner than just a supplier. Thanks to their smart innovations we are assured of a machine park that is constantly evolving.”

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