Cooperation for Case Mold for HIP Beams Haitsma BetonIn

Intersection Joure
Highway roundabouts have made it clear that to what extend the traffic has been changed in the Netherlands. Decades ago it was very common to have highways crossing through roundabouts. Today, however, it is no longer conceivable. Slowly the highway roundabout is disappearing in the image of Dutch highway. The last one that is disappearing is the roundabout at Joure, where the A6 and A7 meet. The renovation, commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works), is intended to improve the accessibility if the province of Friesland and the Frisian town Marren.

The innovation takes shape in a new intersection with unequal intersections consisting two flyovers and an underpass. Particularly, the flyovers with a radius of 450 meters attract the attention. Contractor Gebr. Van der Lee opts for the HIP beams that are recommended by Haitsma Beton.

Close cooperation
The HIP beam is a great evidence of Haitsma Beton’s innovative strength. The company takes a leading position when it comes to product development and is constantly working to develop new and better products and processes together with other companies. The prefab HIP beam is a self-developed solution. The pre-stressed I-beam profile of Haitsma Beton is ideal for building fast and remarkable bridges and viaducts. The template for these beams was developed in close cooperation with Hendriks Precon.
One of the standards of Haitsma Beton is a mold which can be handled quickly and with which maximum flexibility with a minimum of labor can be achieved. Hendriks Precon managed to achieve this by making I-shaped steel mold from a floor section with sides that can run in and out. Remarkable is the upper surface which is kept completely free, which enables the spacers to do their job without experiencing any discomfort.

Beams with a length of 51 meters can be made with the molds. In addition to a free upper surface, the mold provides additional flexibility by the height-adjustable sides. As a result, the same mold can be used for the production of beams with different heights. A total of 80 HIP beams will be made for the intersection of Joure. Each flyover consists of five fields each with eight beams.

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