Building bridges between purchasing, sales and customer requirementsJoost van der Linden, Commercial Manager Hendriks precon

Since September last year, the Hendriks precon team has been strengthened with Commercial manager Joost van der Linden. He acts as a bridgebuilder between purchasing, sales and production departments. It is time to introduce Joost. Joost has plenty of years of experience in purchasing, sales and marketing. “It was always about client specific components in manufacturing. One of my employers was a iron foundry where I got to know Wim Jochems. Through Wim, a move into the concrete business came up. I saw a great challenge. So, recently I made the switch.”

Daring to accept a challenge

If we ask Joost to describe the challenge, he answers enthusiastic: “During my career I have had different functions within purchasing and sales. When I worked in the sales departments, I didn’t see myself as a salesperson but as someone who helps and supports the customer. I always try to think about the goals the other person wants or needs to achieve. I notice that many salespeople are busy trying to get as many new customers in at the front door as possible. But it can also make sense, and sometimes even make more sense, to try to keep the back door shut by doing more for the same customers.”

Involved during the entire customer process

Is that also what he does at Hendriks precon? “I try to translate customer requirements even better into our supply chain. That means I also have a lot of contact with sales, production, purchasing and engineering. At the moment, purchasing is a major priority, but I am also developing a marketing plan to further improve our position and proposition. What makes working at Hendriks precon in general so interesting is the breadth of my work package. I am involved in the entire process: from needs assessment to the final delivery and after sales service. At the same time I am also involved as a ‘small letter checker’ when contracts are concluded. By dealing with this properly, we as Hendriks precon can better define our agreements for the future. These are steps that help us all make further progress in terms of quality.”

Responding to customer requirements

When we ask Joost what makes working at Hendriks precon so enjoyable, he answers: “It’s precisely that diversity in activities that is so much fun. Moreover, I have the freedom to chase trends. What is going on with customers, what are they doing and how can we respond to that. And from the supply chain there are many new developments available that have added value for customers. Of course we also want to translate these to our customers. It’s great if you can be involved in that. And last but not least: Hendriks is just a great company to work for. There is a good atmosphere, you get plenty of opportunities and everyone is willing to work together for the best result. I also think it is important that there is a great willingness to invest in chain thinking and that colleagues are open to the ideas of others.”

Collaboration in the chain

Joost has always worked within SME companies. “The departments at SME companies are often too small to have specialists for everything. That’s why he is a member of a number of trade associations. “I like to gain knowledge and exchange ideas with others in these networking clubs. The Industrial Marketing Club, STEM and international sales and marketing professional association SMEI as well as the purchasing association NEVI are good examples of this. There too you notice that buyers and sellers are increasingly thinking in terms of chains. A great development, which Hendriks precon can contribute to!”

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