Build a house in a day

Volker Wessels has developed a revolutionary new construction concept that carries the appropriate name of Morgen Wonen (move in tomorrow). By manufacturing a home that is mostly prefab already, construction time will only be a day. The prefab floor, wall and facade elements are fitted with service ducts and masonry and these are manufactured at the plant of BFL, a subsidiary of Volker Wessels.

In close cooperation with BFL, Hendriks precon designed double, fully hydraulic upright moulds. We supplied two 13,000-mm moulds and one measuring 19,000 mm in length, all with a height of 4,000 mm. They can be used for hydrostatic concrete compression with an allowable deflection of 1.5 mm across a height of 4,000 mm.

The masonry for end walls is poured in the mould. By using self-compacting concrete, it is possible to pump the moulds full from the bottom.

The moulds are of a flexible design, allowing them to be used for the production of other concrete products too. Hendriks precon has already taken a second 19,000-mm mould into production.

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