Korteweg-Mobilis selected the best overall solution

The Design & Construct assignment was: come up with the best overall solution for a single-sided wall formwork in order to make the walls according to CUR 100. The client, Korteweg-Mobilis, decided to choose Hendriks Precon’s proposal: a formwork without ties in the walls.

Located at the center of Oosterhout, the TBI companies Mobilis and Korteweg Bouw have realized a two-storey underground car park, which was assigned by the municipality. The project Santrijn also includes apartments and city houses, which Korteweg-Mobilis develops on its own.

The most advantageous as overall concept

Oosterhout Municipal made high requirements for the walls of the new parking garage. Main achiver Sander Tetteroo Mobilis: “We requested an overall solution from the various parties. The steel formwork that was suggested by Hendriks Precon, was not particularly the cheapest. It was however, the best idea, partly because no central rods were used in the walls, except in the floor along the top which are not visible. Not only that saved us lots of working hours, but we also have nice clean walls, without bumps or irregularities. Furthermore, their proposal met our requirements that the edge could be directly cast along with the wall.”

3 hours tower crane

The formwork is very user-friendly. Tetteroo: “At 7 o’clock in the morning, the crane lifted the entire formwork. From 8:30 it was cleaned and oiled and then the formwork was hoisted at 10:30 to its new place. We planned to place the crane around it. We could cast every day, but then you run a bit more risks to form cracks. In addition, there may be color difference as a result of longer drying period in the weekend. However, because it fitted well into the planning, we decided to cast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Flexibility of formwork

He is satisfied with the cooperation and also about the flexibility of the formwork: “He was made in a way so that we could move it per fragment if necessary. So we enjoyed our ongoing flexibility to choose our construction method. And with one formwork we cast both parking levels, though there was 30-centimeter difference of height between the two.”

The garage’s walls are already done. By the end of this year, the parking garage Santrijn will be ready, and the plan is to complete the houses in the summer of 2016.

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