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We like to keep you updated about new projects we undertake and about new products and services. Here, you can also find relevant information about our organisation, such as announcements for trade fairs where you can meet us.

As a country, 60% of whose landmass is below water level, the Netherlands is inextricably linked to water. Moreover, over the last several decades, water has become… Read more

Floating Villas The floating villas along the Lentse Plas are built by Zederik Bouw. The homes have a surface area of between 160 – 180 m2 and… Read more

One of Belgium’s pre-eminent prefab specialists is located in the village of Vlamertinge: Valcke Prefab Beton. The company has been manufacturing concrete products for 90 years and… Read more

Large Expansion The prefab elements are tilted upright using tilting tables produced by Hendriks precon. Koen Vanrenterghem continues: ‘The dimensions of the six tables are 12.80 x… Read more