In-situFormwork for in-situ projects

Tunnels, viaducts, quay walls… Hendriks precon is involved in a large range of projects in civil engineering, road construction and hydraulic engineering. We come up with and manufacture ingenious solutions that make it possible to pour columns, pillars, quay walls road traffic and railway tunnels in situ. Complex challenges in particular allow our clients to get the most out of our innovative brainpower. Whereas others are still pondering on the problem, we are working on a practical solution.

A number of specific features and advantages of our formwork are:

  • High permissible concrete pressure
  • Section lenghts of up to 40 metres
  • The option to fit a cooling system on the wall panels
  • Delivery subject to CE standards
  • Virtually all shapes are posible, including circular prison walls or sloping retaining walls.