Corporate Social ResponsibilityA balance between business, people and the environment

At the Hendriks group and its various subsidiaries, we are increasingly aiming for a better balance among three factors: business, people and the environment. We are conscious of doing our share and are actively working on making our businesses more sustainable on a number of key points.


Making the production process more sustainable

We have been able to realise significant improvements in the sustainability of our production process over the past several years. Very recently, the purchase of two new laser cutting machines produced substantial energy savings. Energy consumption has now been reduced to 2/3 of the original level.

Cutting machines

Efforts are also being made to improve the efficiency of the cutting machines. This helps ensure minimal cutting losses in our sheet metal working department. We are able to arrange the cutting layout such that the maximum surface area can be cut from the sheet. This results in significant waste reduction.


Another sustainability measure to which we devote constant attention is LED lighting. We not only replace all the lights that are no longer working with LED, we are also looking critically at the lighting at our workstations to see how we can make this more sustainable, not only in terms of reducing energy consumption but also in terms of improving the work environment for our employees.
During the summer of 2020, for instance, we replaced all the lighting in the hall of Hendriks Precon with LED lighting. This not only improves working conditions, it also ensures a substantial energy saving of no less than 40% on the lighting.


Lease cars

With effect from 2020, we have decided to no longer lease any passenger cars equipped with a diesel engine. We hope this contributes actively to reducing emissions of CO2 and particulate matter.

Waste separation & recycling

In addition to waste reduction in our production process, waste separation and recycling also play an important role in our CSR policy. Within our canteens and offices, we aim to separate waste wherever possible and offer it separated to our waste processor.

In many cases, our formwork is used without paint and is stickered instead. This makes it easy to recycle. This saves a substantial amount of paint, consequently reduces the burden on the environment and means the formwork can be used flexibly.

Buying locally

We strive to buy locally wherever possible. We often buy our large equipment locally. This spares the environment in a number of ways: we put less pressure on the road network and, thanks to shorter journeys, we produce less CO2 emissions. In doing this, we also contribute actively to local and regional employment, thus indirectly giving rise to an economic benefit.


As Hendriks, we sponsor local (sporting) initiatives in which our employees are closely involved. This policy is aimed at improving involvement in the community and our employees’ involvement with our company and vice versa.


Sustainable employability

Sustainable employability is one of the absolute pillars in our policy. Physical fitness and a flexible mind are extremely important to us. Over the past several years, we have successfully started a number of initiatives, from quitting smoking campaigns to coaching programmes to help people achieve a better work-life balance.

Sport & exercise

At Hendriks, we believe health, sport and exercise are important factors for physical fitness and a flexible mind. This is why we have a scheme that promotes health for all employees. Among other things, this means that exercise with the guidance of a physical therapist is free of charge.


In addition to sustainable employability, training our employees also plays an important role in our CSR policy. We believe that development is an important part of keeping your mind flexible. We also offer all sorts of training opportunities and are open to everyone’s ambitions.

Diversity on the work floor

Diversity is an important pillar in our HR policy. We believe that all forms of diversity contribute to work enjoyment, quality and life-long learning. Our colleagues all come from different, sometimes unique backgrounds. Training employees and both seeing and offering opportunities are in our DNA. We always prefer to start with a conversation. Does the person have the ambition and passion? Then the qualifications and experience will follow, with hard work. We will make sure of that together.

By putting the focus on the person behind the position, we have also managed to make our job vacancies in construction more attractive for ambitious women over the past several years. This has proved a success as an increasing percentage of our workforce is female.

Thanks to collaborations with various agencies, we can regularly offer suitable positions to people who hold asylum permits or are otherwise at a distance from the labour market. In this way, we contribute to an entirely new future for these people.
The diverse composition of our teams boosts our ability to learn. We successfully focus on creating opportunities, learning and sustainable employability. That not only means a high level of work enjoyment on the part of our colleagues, it also represents a contribution in social terms. And that is something we are proud of!